Chipotle Crow

Created for Chipotle, a 14″ long model of a Mechanical Crow from their 3D animated “Scarecrow” short. Made from styrene, acrylic, and brass. It’s Arduino controlled eyes have a broken flicker effect. The idea was this is an early non-working prototype of what’s in the short, which is also why the client chose gloss black vs. weathered matte. It is featured in television spots for their “Farmed and Dangerous” series.

Game Show Inputs

A collection of inputs and control boxes for a variety of game shows. Inputs can be made to any specification or style (buttons, cranks, switches, ect) and custom control boxes can do lockouts and/or trigger various effects.

RPG Heads

A run of RPG-2 heads cast in rigid urethane foam around an aluminum pipe. Made to fit on the end of an existing RPG-7 launcher. Created for military training purposes.

Stylized Instruments

A variety of stylized musical instruments for a theatrical production of Cabaret. Made from Aluminum and found objects.

Geiger Scanner

Made from an older geiger counter, designed to look like a scanning device. When the main switch is turned on, the green light flashes, the analog meter deflects back and forth, and the antenna dish rotates alternating directions every two seconds. When the red button is pressed, two sets of three red lights on either side of the unit chase from back to front.

Crossbow / Ballista Props

A set of non-functioning ballista/crossbows made for the company Wasteland Weekend. Created from reclaimed steel and designed to be mounted on swivel-style mounts atop towers as seen. Handles/cranks on both units can be manipulated for appearance.
Photo with model was taken and used with permission by Adam Chilson (

Sci Fi Stakes

A set of sci-fi themed spikes designed to stake off an area of the ground. Self-contained batteries light six blue LEDs when the red latching button is depressed. Made from stainless steel, acrylic, and styrene. The handles and top dome have a textured rubberized coating.

Axe Baton

Functioning axe/baton and urethane stunt doubles. Axe is made from steel and leather pieces on handle. At rest, the piece is a spiked baton, when trigger is depressed, spring-loaded blades emerge from handle and lock into position to become functioning axe. As seen in pictures, blades use a cable and spring system to eject. Two ABS stunt doubles were created for actor safety.

Shield Sheath

Leather sheath commission for existing knife. Original pattern, hand cut and sewn by hand. Details incorporated to match knife.

Hold Box

A box made to simulate a device for putting multiple phone lines on hold. Uses lighted square push-button switches with a latching feature so when pressed, the light remains on until pressed again.