Reclaimed Steel Knife

Knife created from reclaimed spring steel (leaf spring). Handle is Micarta with brass hardware. Approximately 10″ in length.

Fighter Sheath

Leather sheath commission for existing knife. Original pattern, hand cut and sewn by hand, with brass hardware. Details incorporated to match knife.

Devil Knives

Set of knives created for film. Original is 1095 steel, hand-ground, natural wood handle dried and sealed, with stainless hardware and copper butt-cap. Second is exact replica with exception of urethane rubber blade cast from the original steel version. An additional, not-pictured rig with identical handle and 1/4 of the blade was created to simulate stab wound effect with delivery system for fake blood.

Bone Knife

Knife blade is made from reclaimed carbon steel with hand file work on spine. Handle is made from urethane plastic cast of original deer femur with runic characters scribed into the surface. In addition, handle and blade junction is wrapped with deer sinew. Approximately 13″ in length.