Six Flags – Woodgrain

Painted the woodgrain on preexisting set.

Crossbow / Ballista Props

A set of non-functioning ballista/crossbows made for the company Wasteland Weekend. Created from reclaimed steel and designed to be mounted on swivel-style mounts atop towers as seen. Handles/cranks on both units can be manipulated for appearance.
Photo with model was taken and used with permission by Adam Chilson (

Aquabats Bunk Panels

A simple stylized set of four panels made for “The Aquabats! Super Show!”. The panels are laser cut acrylic and the three lights illuminate when the three knobs are rotated.

Natalie, Queen of Scotts Set Elements

Man-of-war style jellyfish made for film, “Natalie, Queen of Scotts”. Originally sculpted in clay, molded in silicone rubber, and cast with translucent silicone, and nylon tentacles. Additionally, various set elements, such as hedgehog-style beach barricades, and false barbed wire were created for the film.