Bioshock Weapon

Reproduction of in-game weapon from Bioshock. Piece is made from heavily modified gas pump handle, cast resin pieces, hand shaped brass, and 1/2″ steel round stock. Glass jar has urethane rubber roto cast inside, pigmented and laced with UV reactant dye. Inside are 420nm UV LEDs which cause the glass to glow vibrantly. Display case is made from pine and red oak, with half-round whitewood accents.


Handmade Gun

Handcrafted large handgun/small rifle with ammunition and advertising products. Gun stock is made from pine, with handmade brass and steel hardware; container is made from whitewood and poplar shavings. Bullet casing is made from copper and slug is turned mild steel. Bullet box and advertisement were designed by Chris Gibson.

Natalie, Queen of Scotts Set Elements

Man-of-war style jellyfish made for film, “Natalie, Queen of Scotts”. Originally sculpted in clay, molded in silicone rubber, and cast with translucent silicone, and nylon tentacles. Additionally, various set elements, such as hedgehog-style beach barricades, and false barbed wire were created for the film.

Copper Rose

Rose crafted from hand hammered copper, steel stem, hammered leaves with acid etched details, and brass brazed joints. Weathered display box is made from red oak and shaved poplar, with glass sliding lid.