Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

We created a variety of elements for Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience.
Spiders were sculpted at two different sizes, mold, cast in a flexible urethane foam around an aluminum armature, painted and weatherproofed for being outdoors. Spiders were to be suspended with automated rigging and legs would jiggle upong dropping from the trees.
Owls were sculpted, mold and cast in a rigid urethane. Eyes were custom made with reflective material as a backer so they would reflect light when viewed from the right angle.
Pygmy puffs were a combination of traditional and digital sculpting, bodies were cast in rigid urethane and the heads and feet 3D printed in full color.
We also created an invisible horse gag for a Thestral pulling a cart. Steel internal structure built to resemble a horse shape and then wrapped in a real horse harness.