Dia De Los Muertos Animatronic Altar

Custom made animated skull, head can tilt up/down, left/right, and the jaw can open and close. Animation was on a loop that could be triggered.
Shadow box also made and painted in-house. Box was lined with small led pin-spots to illuminate the small frames inside the altar.

Coccyx Bone

Bob Evans One Step Done

Provided production design, set dressing and props for Bob Evans commercials.

TwoBitCircus Bar

Created a portable bar, back bar, and decorative wall made for Two Bit Circus. Made as a home for their robot bartender Gearmo Del Pouro, the bar is a multi-piece unit including ADA-compliant section. Built around a steel tube frame, all wood is red oak and all moulding was cut in-house.  Back bar features built-in refrigerator and pull out storage. Decorative wall piece made from MDF and laminated in Chemetal Brushed Brass.

Fitcoin Commercial

Production design and set dressing for Fitcoin commercial. Directed by Andrew Oh.

Nestle El Mejor Nido

Production Design by Keiko Moreno

Directed by Stevo Chang

Produced by The Chaos Labs


Nescafe Commercial

Production Design

Directed by Stevo Chang

Produced by The Chaos Labs

Wendy’s Lookbook

Production Design by Keiko Moreno for a YouTube channel show.

Directed by Andrew Oh

A Chicago Christmas Carol

Set designed and constructed for a theater production in Los Angeles, Ca. Bricks seen in photos were hand carved from sheets of 1″ white bead foam.

Science of Fashion

Production designed and constructed hexagonal furniture for a Youtube Channel Show. Made from pine with steel components.