Fender Replica Breakaway

Constructed a pair of replica fender squire breakaway guitars for the music video, “Dangerous! – Not One of You”. Guitars were filled with confetti and when smashed, a source of wind was used off screen to disperse the confetti. Shot on the RED camera at 60 fps.


Mechanical and electronic effects for the pilot episode of Hellevator. Effects include the elevator button panel and associated controls, spring-loaded drawers, desks that fly open on command, and lockers that fling open by themselves.

Insidious Meter

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of ghost sensing equipment used by the characters Specs and Tucker from the film “Insidious”. Some changes were made to the original appearance of the “wand” portion to address durability concerns. Buttons allow user to light up the gauge and flash an led on the device, as well as activate a strobe in the end of the wand.


An illusion that we designed and fabricated to look like a commercially available desktop teleportation machine. Any item up to 6″x6″x6″ can be made to disappear on command. Inside is lit with blue LEDs in addition to Arduino controlled white LEDs that create a chasing and strobing effect. In addition to the machine, the drawers under the tables were custom made for the application.

Hand Held Trigger

A hand-held trigger (pickle) fabricated for various applications. Machined from aluminum, knurled stripe to aid in grip, button guard milled into end to protect from accidental actuation. Button can be a variety of options, shown here, a blue ring is illuminated when the trigger is live. The other end can be any connection desired, from bare wires to a wide array of plugs and sockets.

The Biggest Loser – Cell Phone Obstacle Course

40 Custom made cellphones with varying colored lighted screens. DMX controllable to change flash pattern.

Chipotle Crow

Created for Chipotle, a 14″ long model of a Mechanical Crow from their 3D animated “Scarecrow” short. Made from styrene, acrylic, and brass. It’s Arduino controlled eyes have a broken flicker effect. The idea was this is an early non-working prototype of what’s in the short, which is also why the client chose gloss black vs. weathered matte. It is featured in television spots for their “Farmed and Dangerous” series.

RPG Heads

A run of RPG-2 heads cast in rigid urethane foam around an aluminum pipe. Made to fit on the end of an existing RPG-7 launcher. Created for military training purposes.

Effect Trigger

A compact 9vdc delivery system. Effect is attached to two spring-loaded clips, both momentary buttons are depressed simultaneously and the voltage is allowed to pass. Extremely bright green LED indicates circuit is active. Created to be mounted on an existing military training weapon. Initial run was 22 units.

Geiger Scanner

Made from an older geiger counter, designed to look like a scanning device. When the main switch is turned on, the green light flashes, the analog meter deflects back and forth, and the antenna dish rotates alternating directions every two seconds. When the red button is pressed, two sets of three red lights on either side of the unit chase from back to front.