Aquabats Bunk Panels

A simple stylized set of four panels made for “The Aquabats! Super Show!”. The panels are laser cut acrylic and the three lights illuminate when the three knobs are rotated.

Bioshock Weapon

Reproduction of in-game weapon from Bioshock. Piece is made from heavily modified gas pump handle, cast resin pieces, hand shaped brass, and 1/2″ steel round stock. Glass jar has urethane rubber roto cast inside, pigmented and laced with UV reactant dye. Inside are 420nm UV LEDs which cause the glass to glow vibrantly. Display case is made from pine and red oak, with half-round whitewood accents.


Aquabats Laser Cannon

A 7′ long laser cannon created for the second season of “The Aquabats! Super Show!”. Made mostly from ABS and wood, it was designed to be mounted on an off-road vehicle as shown. The red beam seen inside the acrylic tube pulses up and down the length of the weapon at a constant interval.