M134D Replicas

A pair of partial replicas of the M134D weapon system created for a Universal Studios Hollywood attraction. Pedestal mounted, has the ability to move up, down, left, and right. It also has a bright blinking light in the ends to simulate firing.

Disney Storefront – Lightsaber Umbrellas

Fabrication of miniature scale lightsaber umbrellas based off of existing full scale product for storefront at Disneyland and Disney World.

Disneyland- Lightsaber Stand

A run of light saber stands for Disney theme parks in California and Florida. The base is made from laminated mdf and frosted acrylic with color changing leds. The displayed lightsaber is sold by Disney and normally battery-powered. We wired it so it can be plugged into the wall power, and added a motion sensor in a machined ring between the base and the light saber. The motion sensor triggers the on-off switch for a set duration to incorporate guest interaction.

Insidious Polaroid

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of ghost sensing equipment from “Insidious” as seen in seance scene.


Mechanical and electronic effects for the pilot episode of Hellevator. Effects include the elevator button panel and associated controls, spring-loaded drawers, desks that fly open on command, and lockers that fling open by themselves.

Insidious Meter

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of ghost sensing equipment used by the characters Specs and Tucker from the film “Insidious”. Some changes were made to the original appearance of the “wand” portion to address durability concerns. Buttons allow user to light up the gauge and flash an led on the device, as well as activate a strobe in the end of the wand.


An illusion that we designed and fabricated to look like a commercially available desktop teleportation machine. Any item up to 6″x6″x6″ can be made to disappear on command. Inside is lit with blue LEDs in addition to Arduino controlled white LEDs that create a chasing and strobing effect. In addition to the machine, the drawers under the tables were custom made for the application.

Insidious Walker

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of the baby walker from “Insidious 2”. Mostly accurate with exception of the fabric pattern on the seat. Arduino controlled lights flash randomly on command.

Hand Held Trigger

A hand-held trigger (pickle) fabricated for various applications. Machined from aluminum, knurled stripe to aid in grip, button guard milled into end to protect from accidental actuation. Button can be a variety of options, shown here, a blue ring is illuminated when the trigger is live. The other end can be any connection desired, from bare wires to a wide array of plugs and sockets.

The Biggest Loser – Cell Phone Obstacle Course

40 Custom made cellphones with varying colored lighted screens. DMX controllable to change flash pattern.