Aquabats Super Show – Season 1

Aquabats Super Show – Season 1

A stylized set of four panels. The panels are laser cut acrylic and the three lights illuminate when the three knobs are rotated.

A scratch built laser cannon with interactive LEDs and mounted to a dune buggy.

Universal Studios Hollywood – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead permanent attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. We were responsible for the set dressing and props for the entie attraction. Thousands of items, procured, aged/distressed and installed. We additionally created the prop weapons various performers use throughout the attraction, including a shotgun containing a mini smoke generator and led in the barrel wirelessly tied into the show control system to simulate a report from firing.

Westcoaster images courtesy of and taken by Albert Lam @Corkscrewed02

Strange Angel Model

Created a 5′ x 7′ architectural model of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for the CBS show: Strange Angel
Made from .0625″ and .125″ baltic birch and card stock.

Strange Angel WW2 V2 Rocket Part

A V2 rocket part made for the CBS show Strange Angel. The design was based from black and white photographs of V2 rocket components from the 1940’s.
Primarily made with MDF painted to look like metal with some fabricated aluminum components.

Amazon Music Holiday Plays Snowflakes

We custom made 100 plus snowflakes for the Amazon Music Holiday Plays Commercial.

Delusion-Blue Blade

Contracted for scenic construction, special effects, and specialty props for Delusion: The Blue Blade.
We built out a +10,000sq/ft theater space in West LA into multiple scenes/locations, including a large cave system made from carved foam and an Aztec Temple.
The space had numerous pneumatic and electronic effects and custom props with integrated electronics.