Harry Potter Wand Holster and Bracers

We hand crafted the leather wand holsters and two styles of bracers. The hardware were all metal casted, plated and aged.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights- Rock Monster Costume

We built rock monster suits out of EVA foam for Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2021.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise – Freddy Krueger Gloves

A run of Freddy Krueger Gloves made for Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights.  We were tasked with producing a glove that would reduce performer fatigue and injuries from past iterations, stand up to hundreds of performances, and be easy to repair if necessary. We combined different elements found on the various versions of the gloves from the films to come up with a version that suited the client’s needs. The blades and other steel components are waterjet-cut 11 and 16 gauge cold rolled steel, welded stainless steel rivets, with a painted leather wrist strap. The gloves were designed to fit securely over an appropriately aged leather glove that could be replaced independently as it wears out.

Westcoaster images courtesy of www.westcoaster.net and taken by Albert Lam @Corkscrewed02


Universal Studios- Harry Potter Costume Details

Specialty costume parts for Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida.
Pieces sculpted by hand from reference imagery, production molds made, and then cast in large quantities. Hand painted.

Knife In The Back Effect

Harness for a knife in the back effect. Knife and mounting plate made for quick disconnect.

Ash vs Evil Dead Harness

A run of reproduction harnesses from Ash vs Evil Dead made for Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights. Mostly screen accurate with some minor design adjustments to allow for performer quick changes, and to fit a wide range of body types. Made from leather, nylon webbing, and the embellishments are waterjet cut steel.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Faux Hands

Faux hand costume elements for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. Hands cast in plastic resin around stainless steel hardware, painted and sealed. CNC cut plastic pieces and welded stainless steel elements.

Insidious Gas Mask

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of the seance mask from “Insidious”. Made from Soviet gas mask and found parts. Mostly accurate with exception of tubing size and material due to budgetary constraints.

Spartacus Training Armor

A reproduction of training armor worn by the lead in the Showtime series, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. Made from 8-10 oz. leather, copper and stainless hardware. All weathering/ageing done by hand. The piece is custom fit to the client. Cryptic Industries has produced four total sets.